How to Make Small Shifts for a More Sustainable Lifestyle
(The 5 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to a Healthier Earth and You All Year-Round.)
How to Nourish This Earth and Your Body (No Matter What's Going on in the World) with Easy-to-Implement Lifestyle Hacks
Meet Amanda Provenzano M.S. (your personal guide to establishing a more sustainable lifestyle)...
13 years of sustainability experience and scientific education catalyzed Amanda into exploring the many facets of the world.

Amanda's environmental and sustainability education prepared her in understanding how humans negatively impact the environment. Working in the corporate world, however, showed her that we often do not have agency around our life. Years of environmental studies, teachings from wise elders, and a culmination of many life lessons helped bring Amanda to the human and nature-centered life she now lives.

Utilizing practical and emotional guidance, Amanda supports people through their grief process and helps them gain an understanding of how we fit in the larger ecosystem. Amanda regularly facilitates online grief groups and guides people through the active dying process. She made this transition after recognizing that people need to care about and for each other and themselves in order to care for the environment. She is a trained and practical end-of-life specialist, hospice volunteer and Acupuncture (Seitai Shinpo) Apprentice and believes strongly that living in community is the way to improve the environment and self-worth.

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 In This Masterclass,
You Will Learn:
Simple actions you can take to help limit waste and pollution in the world (it's easier than you might think). 
The connection between the health of this Earth and the health of your body (It's stronger than you might think)
How to utilize your buying power to make a difference in this world. We all get to vote for what we care about with our daily purchase decisions. 
Sustainable methods for purchasing, foraging and preparing your food. They are small actions that benefit your body and this Earth. 
How to choose companies that help preserve this Earth for generations to come. As consumers, we decide who we support. 
Agree with at Least One of the Following?
You Won't Want to Miss This Masterclass... 
You want to have a positive impact on this Earth. 
You want future generations to enjoy the beauty that we enjoy today. 
You wan to live in a way thats sustainable for your body and this Earth. 
You know that our actions can either harm or help this Earth. So why not choose actions that help?
None of us own this Earth and its up to us to preserve it for future generations to enjoy. 
Living a sustainable life is about more than the Earth, its about your health and wellbeing as well.