Doing Our Part to Continue Forward Progress torwards Equality for All
(Daily actions we can take to make a difference together.)
How to Make Meaningful Change (Individually and Collectively) to Foster an Environment that Embraces Equality. 
Meet Earl Mann (our personal conversation guide)...
Seasoned Entrepreneur | Symbol Athletica Podcast Host | Former US Marines Major

A roll your sleeves up and get to work type of man, Earl Mann is a seasoned entrepreneur with his very first venture dating back to 2000. He has a brilliant background with specialties in marketing, start-ups, competitive intelligence, and social solutions. 

As a former Major in the US Marines, Earl has traveled the world and been exposed to multiple cultures and environments, all of which have contributed to his perception, outlook, and desire to spread goodness and positivity throughout this world. 

Today you’ll find Earl hosting his podcast Symbol Athletica where he is constantly challenging people to step outside their comfort zone, grow, and reach their full potential.

 In This Conversation,
We Will:
Celebrate Juneteenth and reflect on history (we've made progress but there's still ground to be made). 
Define equality goals. What does our environment look like when we embrace equality? (perception and history play a big role here). 
Identify simple actions we can take to continue forward progress (it's all about communication). 
Highlight environments ahead of the curve (where you can experience and be a part of equality right now).
Discuss the trickle effect (how your actions will be contagious). 
Agree with at Least One of the Following?
You Won't Want to Miss This Conversation. 
You want to positively impact those around you.
You believe in unity. 
You believe that human is human and we deserve equal rights.  
Our time on earth is short, we might as well make a positive difference.  
It's time to drown out the negative with the positive regardless of race, political stance, gender and more.  
We are all brothers and sisters and should act that way when it comes to equality for all.