How to Incorporate Yoga & Hydration for a Healthier, Balanced Lifestyle
(Hydration Tips and Yoga Poses for a Healthier You All Year Round.)
How to Nourish Your Body and Mind (No Matter What Your Day Brings) with Easy-to-Implement Hydration Tips and Yoga Poses. 
Plus a bonus 20-minute New Earth inspired yoga flow!!
Meet Jill Nelson eRYT-200(your personal guide to finding balance through yoga)...
Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Wellness Educator

Jill's classes invite you into a space of safety, healing, and deep listening. She believes the practice of yoga is more than movements on a yoga mat. 

Within each class she teaches, you will experience new ways to breathe, to move your body, to connect to your heart and truth, and essentially, to open up to your highest self.

Jill has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and teaching for 10. She and her husband, Josh Nelson, cofounded Asana Yoga and Sole in Klamath Falls in 2011 and have expanded to online classes, workshops, and courses.

Jill’s dharma (life’s purpose) expands beyond the practice of yoga to bring more healing, Love, and Light to all souls who meet along this life path. She is also a wellness educator, a Reiki Master, and an Ayurvedic Coach {in training}.

Connect with and learn more about Jill on Instagram @theessentialyogini or Facebook Essential Yoginis. 

Meet Amy Chadwick RN (your personal guide to proper hydration)...
RN, Women's Health, Employee Wellness, Behavioral and Mental Health, Cardiovascular Care, Health Coach. 

Amy has a rich history in wellness with a 20 year background in nursing including an emphasis on women’s health, employee wellness, behavioral and mental health and cardiovascular care. She has been a health coach for over 7 years specializing in weight loss, stress management, behavior change, and gut/brain health. Oh but that’s not where it stops. This gal is the full meal deal and has been a personal trainer dating back to her college days and focuses on core stability, functional training, and triathlon training. Amy is also the founder of My Wellness RN where she ties her rich background together offering her clients solutions for a healthier life.

 In This Session,
You Will Learn:
Yoga poses you can use throughout the day to keep your body and mind balanced and energized (it only takes a few minutes.) 
How to diffuse daily stress and anxiety with a few key movements (this will impact your overall health, mood, and productivity.) 
Simple actions you can take to keep your body well hydrated (it's easier than you might think.) 
The overall impact and many benefits yoga and hydration have on your body (they impact just about every system in the body.)
The trickle effect (once you start incorporating healthy habits in your daily routine they keep growing and expanding.)
Agree with at Least One of the Following?
You Won't Want to Miss This Flow... 
You could use a little more energy.
You want a sharper mind and improved focus.
You want to live in a way that supports your body, mind and soul.  
There's far too much to do in a day. And, we all need adequate energy to get through it all. 
It will take your performance to the next level in multiple aspects of life. 
When you are balanced and your best self, you have the ability to positively impact those around you.